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RAPU Product Comparison RAPU v5.0 RAPU v4.0
Motion and audio control    
Use Mini-SSC compatible servos, relays, and dimmers.
Use SV203 compatible servos and relays.
Use Parallax/Propeller compatible servos.
Use Pololu/Maestro compatible servos. new  
Use Jrk motors. new  
Use PicoPic compatible servos and relays.
Use LynxMotion SSC32 compatible servos and relays.
Use K108A Serial Relay Controller.
Use Board of Chuckie (BoC) servos.2
Digital 44.1kHz stereo MP3 audio.
Supports 64 servos, motors, relays, and dimmers (non-DMX) new  
Supports 128 DMX addresses new  
DMX output port1
TTL output port (Parallax/Propeller compatible)1
High-speed servo/motor/relay RS232 serial port1
VSA playback compatibility
Integrated VSA development support
Flexible user interface
On-board LCD and keys
Remote serial port

Infrared remote control
Expandable routine management
Internal digital clock for automatic playback check check
SD/SDHC memory card slot
USB 1.1 upload port
Multiple playback modes
Unlimited routine length support

1 The DMX, TTL, and RS232 ports cannot be used simultaneously.

2 Each BoC  servo requires two address locations for a maximum of 64 servos; otherwise 128 DMX devices are supported.

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