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VSA 6.0 Product Comparison Hobbyist Professional Ultimate
Visual Display
Display events are on a graphical time-line.
View and edit motion amplitude versus time.
Display tracks in multiple colors.
Track playback with real time cursors.
Fix problem errors with on screen error highlighting.
Fine tune events with zoom control.
Synchronize with graphical audio files. 2 files 4 files 8 files
Synchronize with graphical video files. 1 file 4 files
Editing Capabilities
Change event magnitude by dragging in Plot View.
Capture events during playback with joystick or mouse. 1 track 4 tracks 16 tracks
Automatically generate events based on the amplitude of the audio.
TrackAdjust allows events to be shifted and scaled as a group.
Configure devices without any programming using real time controls.
Enter reminders that pop-up when events are highlighted.
Drag/drop and cut/paste for quick editing.
Use a joystick for single axis control.
Assign unique names to each track.
Mirror & repeat commands make repetitive actions easy to define.
PC-based Playback
Play multiple audio files simultaneously. 2 files 4 files 8 files
Render to multiple audio cards simultaneously.
Support for multi-channel audio files (mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1, etc.)
Support both USB/external and integrated/internal sound cards.
Play video files simultaneously.   1 file 4 files
Play videos in full screen and/or specify screen coordinates.  
Play is the same on every PC.
Control playback with standard play/pause/stop/loop commands.
Play portions of a routine.
Enable and disable tracks.
Prevent hardware damage with limits and default positions.
Hardware Support
Send commands at up to 30FPS.
Supports multiple servos, motors, relays, and dimmers. 128 tracks 128 tracks 256 tracks
Use Mini-SSC compatible servos, relays, and dimmers.
Use SV203 compatible servos and relays.
Use Parallax/Propeller compatible servos.
Use Pololu/Maestro compatible servos.
Use Jrk motors.
Use PicoPic compatible servos and relays.
Use LynxMotion SSC32 compatible servos and relays.
Use K108A Serial Relay Controller.
Use parallel port 8-bit and relay output (e.g., K74 LPT Relay).
Use DMX devices (requires RAPU v5.0, Velleman, or ENTTEC).
Use Board of Chuckie (BoC) DMX servos.
Use EnduranceRC 25 Servo Controller servos.
Configure custom baud rates for serial ports.
Export to RAPU v2.0
Export to the new RAPU v5.0
Import data from text files.
Generate customizable binary and text file output of event data.
Interface with ActiveX enabled applications (requires VSA Console).

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